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Quote Of The Week

November 27, 2007
Self Confidence
“Self-Confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings”
  Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

When I found this quote I wanted to learn a little of the originator of such great and true words, as according to me who must have been a well educated but above all well experienced individual. I’ve tried googling Samuel Johnson and I was not surprised learning that he’d accomplished so much.

His quote is so accurate, that I would like to expound a little on this quote.

Whatever task you’re about to approach. Be it bringing an end to the the war in the middle east or simply boiling an egg for breakfast. You must approach this task with confidence. You must confide in yourself. That is the only way that you would succeed in this life. Take a note, Samuel Johnson discovered this since the 18th century and still we tend to venture into various vocations, assignments and offices with little to no confidence in ourselves. I’m not implying once you delve in with self confidence that you are bound to succeed as there are many factors that concert to success, however if you advance into any task lacking the tenacity you are bound to fail.

Self confidence is the key into the door of success.

Be Blessed,

Bryan Morris 



Quote of the week

October 25, 2007

Success is not a destination but a journey.

John Maxwell

This basically says that you should keep keeping on.


Bryan Morris