La Familia Part II

November 22, 2007

Today it’s Naeem’s day to shine. What can I say about Naeem? He’s probably my shadow. He consumes all his energy to emulate me in all arenas.


Bryan Morris

Do you see the modern day Gandhi. (No offence mainly the looks but really the wit as well)



Here he’s acting out Madagascar


Here he’s enjoying nature at 30 feet


How cool is nature?


Up, close and personal





Enjoys being goofy



La Familia Part I

November 21, 2007

This is the first of a three part series. I have to many nice images to post them all in one post.

You might think that me being a photographer would have a gazillion of images of my kids. Well I’m sorry to dissapoint you but I don’t have. After all day on the road shooting when I come home I don’t want to break out a camera to shoot my kids. I purposed to shoot them more often and even if that don’t work at least once a year around there birthday. I have gotten this idea from a fellow photographer.

It was Shaydee’s (7) birthday in September, Naeem (6) and Ishaq’s (5) in October. The season slowed down quite a bit and last week I’ve decided to go and take them somewhere and take a couple shots of them.

WOW, I really loved them all. I didn’t even go far from home. It took me 3 minutes away by car to get to the spot, very close to the Alto Vista Chapel. I took them one by one to avoid one distracting the other.The entire shoot took me about 1 hour.

See some of what was captured in that hour. I tend to shy away from studio as Aruba is a beautiful backdrop. So by now you know that the shoot was done outdoors. I must also add that my kids are growing up so quick they are really getting big. I had fun doing the shoot and decided that I’ll be repeating this more often. I love my kids! It’s really funny to get them in their moment and capture them just the way they are. Their expressions really show this. Every picture you see is them in real life.


Bryan Morris

This is a candid shot of all three of them walking back to the car after the shoot.


Shaydee just enjoying nature.


Doing what she loves best!


Isn’t she cute?




Blowing kisses in the wind.



Quote Of The Week

November 20, 2007


There are two parts to influence. First, influence is powerful. And the second, it is subtle. You wouldn’t let someone push you off course, but you might let someone nudge you off course and not even realize it.

Jim Rohn

Stay focused!


Bryan Morris

The Leverock’s

November 19, 2007

WOW, I even forgot that I did this shoot. I worked these images to put them on the blog and I forgot them in the folder. I was cleaning my PC today and I remembered that I had them there. It was Anneke’s mom’s birthday she celebrated her 74th birthday. All of Ms Ruby’s kids surprised her and flew in for her birthday. Anneke called me and informed me that her brother and sister is on the island and she wants to take a family for her mom. I was much delighted to do that as I’ve gotten the chance to see her brother Ricardo a.k.a. Ricky who I haven’t seen in a while. He says it should be at least 21 years so I was happy to see him and meet his family.

Enjoy this family shoot.


The entire family.


The man, Ricky himself!


Ricky and his daugther, Sammy.


Ricky, his daughter and his nieces.


This is Stacey Ann, a.k.a. Beyonce


This is the entire clan again.

Did you notice the unconventional ways of doing family portraits? The experience just has to be different if I’m behind the lens. I’m not into this roll call line up portraits. They have to be casual and look effortless. Just different, just hot.


Bryan Morris

Quote Of The Week

November 8, 2007

There’s no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.

Author Unknown

I always seem to choose quotes that are very clear. Again this says it very clear. If you want to grow you’ve gats to get out of your comfort zone. It has to be unchartered waters. Once you get comfortable in your endeavours then you know that you’ve stopped growing. Go on out there and just launch yourself out in the deep.


Bryan Morris

Candice (Cindy) and Brendan

October 30, 2007

Candice and Brendan, what an easy going couple. They were up to anything. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that in the title I’ve placed the name Cindy between brackets. For some reason upon replying to Candice’s first email I’ve called her Cindy and every now and then I still slip and do the same. For some strange reason I insist on calling her Cindy. Thank Gosd that she’s so easy going she just laughs hard anytime I do it.

Candice and Brendan know each other for 19 years but it was up till about 3 years ago they realised the sparkle in each other’s eyes. So they started to date. They love to Travel and in the 3 years they’ve been to Aruba 5 times.Brendan ask her to marry him at the lighthouse, so they’ve decided what better place to get married. They had a very nice ceremony and great guests, 60 in total. They can party. They all stayed at the Marriot and had there ceremony and reception at the Rennaissance Island.

Candice and Brendan whenever you’re back just know that you have some new found friends here on the island. You guys are absolutely great. Keep Sweet and remember never to be part of a statistic. Just remember life has it’s ups and downs but it will work if you work it. Giving up is the easiest thing to do.


Bryan Morris

The cutest flower girl ever. She’s a future runway model. She loves the camera.


Brendan’s first sight of Candice as she walks down the isle. Look at that expression!


Candice coming down the isle with her parents.


Listening attentively to the officiant.


A detail shot of the flowers.


The first kiss.


Candice and Brendan walking down the isle as Mr & Mrs O’Connell.


Don’t we have beautiful sunsets here in Aruba


The newlyweds just chillin in a hammock.


Another portrait.


The bestest best man! OH Brother, he can dance.


The first dance…..



Here you have the Puerto Rican version of Celia Cruz. This is Candice’s grandma. Man, she can dance.


Another detail shot…..The rings!


This is the famous lighthouse where they were engaged.


Having fun at the beach!


Dancing on the beach….


This was a very beautiful day. We cancelled to days in a row prior due to the sky being grey and dark.


A spontaneous portrait!


This is the end. Stay tuned for the slideshow.


Anna Stjerneby & Stefan Hagglund

October 26, 2007

Mr. Hägglund and Ms. Stjerneby officially married, as per Aruba’s custom, in Oranjestad’s historical Town Hall with the charming architecture, wooden floors and elegant chandeliers providing a magnificent atmosphere. Following the official and legal ceremony the couple enjoyed their dream beach wedding with a fiery red sun setting behind them on Bucuti’s 14 acres of pristine, powder white beach. 

Anna and Sefan flew all the way from Sweden to Aruba to promise each other to remain faithfull untill death part them. When asked why the came to Aruba their response was: “We wanted to get married in Paradise”

Stefan works as a software developer for Opera Software and Anna is a project manager at a swedish meteorological and hydrological institute. The couple met through mutual friends at the Linkoping University in February 1998  The couple eloped to Aruba and surprised their family back in Sweden with the news of their marriage. “Our families were surprised and very happy to learn about our beautiful wedding” expressed the newly wedded couple. Congratulations and we’re expecting to see you next year for your anniversary. 


Bryan Morris


Enjoying each other in the garden.


Are they in love or what?


So easy going so romantic.


Walking down the sand isle.


What a simple and yet beautiful setup. Less is more.


Detail shot of the rings.


The first kiss.


The toast!


A piece of art.


Getting comfy in the garden.


Detail of the flowers.


Quote of the week

October 25, 2007

Success is not a destination but a journey.

John Maxwell

This basically says that you should keep keeping on.


Bryan Morris

Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Boy…..

October 17, 2007

You make me feel so good!

I know I’ve been bad by not posting as often as I should but I must say that there are so much going on.

There are major changes and additions coming. I’m pressed for my launch deadline and I don’t see it happening and the funny part is it’s not my fault.

Besides, I’m in the middle of making some huge personal decisions that’s driving me nuts.

I promise you though. Within the next ten days I have 3 weddings so this bad boy is bound to make you feel good.


Bryan Morris

Quote of the week

October 16, 2007

De good Lawd send me troubles

An’ I got to wuk ’em out.

But look aroun’ an’ see

There’s trouble all about.

An’ when I see my troubles

I jes look up an’ grin

To think of all the troubles

Dat I ain’t in.

Author Unknown

This is a typical Caribbean quote but very true nonetheless.

Life just ain’t fair and when you look around you would still be able to find someone worst off than you. So instead of complaining in the midst of your share of troubles look around and thank God, because it could’ve been worst.


Bryan Morris