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Anna Stjerneby & Stefan Hagglund

October 26, 2007

Mr. Hägglund and Ms. Stjerneby officially married, as per Aruba’s custom, in Oranjestad’s historical Town Hall with the charming architecture, wooden floors and elegant chandeliers providing a magnificent atmosphere. Following the official and legal ceremony the couple enjoyed their dream beach wedding with a fiery red sun setting behind them on Bucuti’s 14 acres of pristine, powder white beach. 

Anna and Sefan flew all the way from Sweden to Aruba to promise each other to remain faithfull untill death part them. When asked why the came to Aruba their response was: “We wanted to get married in Paradise”

Stefan works as a software developer for Opera Software and Anna is a project manager at a swedish meteorological and hydrological institute. The couple met through mutual friends at the Linkoping University in February 1998  The couple eloped to Aruba and surprised their family back in Sweden with the news of their marriage. “Our families were surprised and very happy to learn about our beautiful wedding” expressed the newly wedded couple. Congratulations and we’re expecting to see you next year for your anniversary. 


Bryan Morris


Enjoying each other in the garden.


Are they in love or what?


So easy going so romantic.


Walking down the sand isle.


What a simple and yet beautiful setup. Less is more.


Detail shot of the rings.


The first kiss.


The toast!


A piece of art.


Getting comfy in the garden.


Detail of the flowers.



Quote of the week

October 16, 2007

De good Lawd send me troubles

An’ I got to wuk ’em out.

But look aroun’ an’ see

There’s trouble all about.

An’ when I see my troubles

I jes look up an’ grin

To think of all the troubles

Dat I ain’t in.

Author Unknown

This is a typical Caribbean quote but very true nonetheless.

Life just ain’t fair and when you look around you would still be able to find someone worst off than you. So instead of complaining in the midst of your share of troubles look around and thank God, because it could’ve been worst.


Bryan Morris

Mel & Joe

October 10, 2007

On September 29, 2007

A perfect Saturday evening on the pristine powder white beaches of Aruba, Melanie Harris and Joel Cooper promised to remain at each others side until death do them part at the Eagle Beach. It was a very casual setting. They were accompanied by their close relatives and loved ones. Rev Gibson was the officiant. They were all smiles the entire evening with each other. See for yourself in the images. Melanie and Joel when the not so nice seasons approach you, just holds hands look in each others eyes and smile just as you’ve smilled on your weding day. Know that those dark seasons are nothing but seasons. We all go through them from time to time. Aruba Weddings were the wedding planners for this evening, who did a great job in setting this up.












Bryan Morris


October 2, 2007

How do you look at it? Is your marriage the end of your life or the beginning of brand new season?

I rather not get into statistics for the lack of statistical facts but I can look around me and literally around me and see this happening in almost every household.

In our younger years or during or period of dating we always take care of ourselves. We go to the gym, we make sure were always properly groomed, dressed and smelling nice. After the I do’s things suddenly change. The change is not noticeable to the general public until after a few years, but I’m sure that it’s noticeable to the individuals involved from inception. We just tend to lose focus of who we are and what we like forgetting that that’s the person our significant other fell in love with in the first place. I do agree that there are things that ought to be changed as there are responsibilities to live up too but for far too long I’ve been observing couples as if there social status goes into a chaotic drop off. Now this could be for one of two reasons. Either the marriage is not what they’ve expected it to be and most cases that’s the case. We are never prepared for marriage for very few couples were sat down and really informed what marriage is all about. This is a whole other topic though. Or they’ve focus shift from them individually and is then set on their partner and as the years go by from just their partner to their partner and the kids. This last reason is good but still bad as I believe everything should be done with moderation. If you neglect yourself, how could you be around to take care of either your partner or your kids? What I’m saying here is: You have to take care of your partner, yes I agree. Your kids, I agree again. My problem with this is where you/we tend to neglect ourselves.

We humans are so crazy. The majority of us neglect ourselves in the quest to take care of our family. The vast majorities of those that don’t neglect themselves are selfish and just look out for themselves in a marriage that is supposed to be the both of us. This is the other extreme.

What am I saying in this post?  When you get married, don’t neglect yourself in the marriage. Your wife or husband was first attracted to you due to the person they saw. (Yes I believe that attraction is first physical) So to keep the spice and the attraction going don’t change who you are once you get married. I’m not saying that you must remain the same, same. You know that there are things that need to be changed as we are in a constant process of perfecting ourselves but you don’t have to change who your spouse was first attracted to. Get out there dress up, groom yourself and take out a subscription to a gym to keep yourself in shape. This is good for your marriage as well as for your health.

This is a part of my own life that I’ve been analyzing. I must say that so far I’ve lost the battle on this one but I however must say the fight ain’t over so I’ve determined to get myself back in shape, groom myself and dress a little more. It’s not that I don’t groom or dress but I notice that I find myself doing  or not doing certain things in this area that a few years ago couldn’t fly. I’m currently +/- 100Kgs and about  6 years ago I was +/- 75Kgs so I’ve gained 25 Kgs in 6 years and I’m determined to lose it. I’ll be signing up to a gym by the end of the week and really work on it. I’ll also be signing up for the online biggest loser program.

Do I have any joiners? Stop neglecting or don’t neglect yourself now that you’re just married or getting into marriage.


Bryan Morris