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Reychelle Rose Zelica Challenger

December 6, 2007

….AKA Baby Zelica was born on June 23, 2007 to my wonderful friends, Curtis Challenger and Yline Kelly. It’s a total blessing to have them in my life. I’m so elated to see how Curtis has metamorphosed  into a dad. The transition really makes me happy and proud. In this present day that the trend to just be a sperm donor, Curtis opted to be a father. As Baby Zeli, as he calls her was born, she took supreme precedence in his life. He never directly voiced this to me but I know that his major goal in life is to take care of his wife to be and daughter. It just makes me proud to know this as this I’ve pledged upon becoming a father also. I really want to make this infectious in the world as this seem not like the cool thing to do but in all honesty it is. You can’t imagine how it feels to be a great contributor to society raising world leaders. And by world leaders I don’t necessarily mean in the political arena, if they so choose to go that route, I’ll be supportive of their decision, however what I meant was you can change the world leading one person at a time to the right direction.

Curtis Keep up the good work, God has something great for you. Time is all it takes.

Now back to the baby, I seriously have to pinch her cheek anytime I see her. Baby got’s cheeks. These images here are of her at 6 weeks,  I was on a quest for images to display on the blog and I found these that were not blogged yet.


Bryan Morris













La Familia Part III

November 23, 2007

This is the final set from the three part series La Familia. This is Ishaq. This was actually the first one (child) that I shot with Shaydee being the girl last. As you know the girls need to spend way more time getting ready. I however decided to display them in the order they came.

Experimenting with Aruba’s wild life.


Ishaq just lounging in Aruba’s arrid landscapes.


Ishaq is in the party mood.


Just chillin’



Life is hard on the island.




This is the angry look.



Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2007

This is not such a big celebration here on the island of Aruba. Tourism is by far the biggest industry here on Aruba and the Americans (Thank You!) make up the largest percentage of tourists visiting Aruba, so thanksgiving is however still celebrated on Aruba to some extent.

I would personally like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

I know that Thanksgiving is all about celebration with your family and eating a hearty portion of food. Today as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones, don’t forget to whisper a prayer giving God thanks for everything in your life.

“In every thing give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”1Th 5:18

The part I want to really stress on from this scripture is the first part, “In every thing give thanks…..” In the good, give thanks, in the bad, give thanks.

Be blessed this Thanksgiving,

Bryan Morris

La Familia Part II

November 22, 2007

Today it’s Naeem’s day to shine. What can I say about Naeem? He’s probably my shadow. He consumes all his energy to emulate me in all arenas.


Bryan Morris

Do you see the modern day Gandhi. (No offence mainly the looks but really the wit as well)



Here he’s acting out Madagascar


Here he’s enjoying nature at 30 feet


How cool is nature?


Up, close and personal





Enjoys being goofy


La Familia Part I

November 21, 2007

This is the first of a three part series. I have to many nice images to post them all in one post.

You might think that me being a photographer would have a gazillion of images of my kids. Well I’m sorry to dissapoint you but I don’t have. After all day on the road shooting when I come home I don’t want to break out a camera to shoot my kids. I purposed to shoot them more often and even if that don’t work at least once a year around there birthday. I have gotten this idea from a fellow photographer.

It was Shaydee’s (7) birthday in September, Naeem (6) and Ishaq’s (5) in October. The season slowed down quite a bit and last week I’ve decided to go and take them somewhere and take a couple shots of them.

WOW, I really loved them all. I didn’t even go far from home. It took me 3 minutes away by car to get to the spot, very close to the Alto Vista Chapel. I took them one by one to avoid one distracting the other.The entire shoot took me about 1 hour.

See some of what was captured in that hour. I tend to shy away from studio as Aruba is a beautiful backdrop. So by now you know that the shoot was done outdoors. I must also add that my kids are growing up so quick they are really getting big. I had fun doing the shoot and decided that I’ll be repeating this more often. I love my kids! It’s really funny to get them in their moment and capture them just the way they are. Their expressions really show this. Every picture you see is them in real life.


Bryan Morris

This is a candid shot of all three of them walking back to the car after the shoot.


Shaydee just enjoying nature.


Doing what she loves best!


Isn’t she cute?




Blowing kisses in the wind.



Anna Stjerneby & Stefan Hagglund

October 26, 2007

Mr. Hägglund and Ms. Stjerneby officially married, as per Aruba’s custom, in Oranjestad’s historical Town Hall with the charming architecture, wooden floors and elegant chandeliers providing a magnificent atmosphere. Following the official and legal ceremony the couple enjoyed their dream beach wedding with a fiery red sun setting behind them on Bucuti’s 14 acres of pristine, powder white beach. 

Anna and Sefan flew all the way from Sweden to Aruba to promise each other to remain faithfull untill death part them. When asked why the came to Aruba their response was: “We wanted to get married in Paradise”

Stefan works as a software developer for Opera Software and Anna is a project manager at a swedish meteorological and hydrological institute. The couple met through mutual friends at the Linkoping University in February 1998  The couple eloped to Aruba and surprised their family back in Sweden with the news of their marriage. “Our families were surprised and very happy to learn about our beautiful wedding” expressed the newly wedded couple. Congratulations and we’re expecting to see you next year for your anniversary. 


Bryan Morris


Enjoying each other in the garden.


Are they in love or what?


So easy going so romantic.


Walking down the sand isle.


What a simple and yet beautiful setup. Less is more.


Detail shot of the rings.


The first kiss.


The toast!


A piece of art.


Getting comfy in the garden.


Detail of the flowers.


Mel & Joe

October 10, 2007

On September 29, 2007

A perfect Saturday evening on the pristine powder white beaches of Aruba, Melanie Harris and Joel Cooper promised to remain at each others side until death do them part at the Eagle Beach. It was a very casual setting. They were accompanied by their close relatives and loved ones. Rev Gibson was the officiant. They were all smiles the entire evening with each other. See for yourself in the images. Melanie and Joel when the not so nice seasons approach you, just holds hands look in each others eyes and smile just as you’ve smilled on your weding day. Know that those dark seasons are nothing but seasons. We all go through them from time to time. Aruba Weddings were the wedding planners for this evening, who did a great job in setting this up.












Bryan Morris

Thy and Tommy

September 18, 2007

Her name is pronouced “Tee”.

Destiny brought her to Sweden as a little girl from Vietnam, where she grew into a beautiful young woman.

Faith had it that as she grew up she would work in the restaurant where she met Tommy. It was love at first sight. Tommy became a regular customer of that restaurant just to stop by and see Thy.

After requesting Thy’s hand in marraige from her parents. He proposed to her about a month later on bended knee in a restaurant in Bastad, a popular summer retreat in Sweden.

The wedding plans began and after consulting some travel experts in Sweden they were advised to come to Aruba. After them doing their own research, their unanimous decision was Aruba.

They tied the knot on Sept 10, 2007 at the Bucuti Beach Resort . Nashette, the wedding planner did a marvelous job at preparing everything as the couple raved about not being able to ask for more. These guys are so in love you can see it in every shot. They were just so natural in front of the camera and you could really see their emotions through the images.

Thy and Tommy, may you live a happy life together. May God bless your marraige. We’re right here anxiously waiting for you to come back to our island, Aruba.


Bryan Morris











Good to know!

September 11, 2007

I was just using this website a while ago to check sunset in relation to some upcoming wedding times and I’ve decided that this will be very good information to post. Advice from a photographer of quite a few years already with a cuople hundred weddings behind him.

If you have plan on getting maried around sunset, check this site Here you’ll get the accurate time of sunset. Schedule your ceremony one hour before sunset. This will give you ample time for the ceremony that is ussually at least 20 minutes and then you have about 40 minutes to take pictures in the sunset. Much more can be accomplished if your not in the middle of the ceremony during sunset. Whenever scheduling your beach ceremony keep this in mind.


Bryan Morris

Ramphys Tromp

August 12, 2007


This was my expression on Sunday at the end of a concert. at the Westin Aruba Resort & Casino. (

Ramphys Tromp is one of Aruba’s largest artist that on January, 2005 turned his life around. (Dedicate his life to Christ)

He then vowed that he will never sing until He feels it was right. And when he feels it’s right the only music he will be singing is Gospel Music.

He is a Latin Gospel artist that is promising. It was a pleasure for me to be present and that I could’ve shoot for fun.

Here are a few of the images captured on the night.

You can follow him at


Ramphys himself in action.

Ramphys Tromp

One of his opening act. The great Mr Eduardo Maya. Eduardo coincidentally is Ramphy’s father in law.

Sir Eduardo Maya

These guys are so young nd so talented. They really rocked the crowd with their Reggeaton version of praise.

Los KBS, Focus!


This is part of a duet with the Worship Leader of Corporate Impact Ministries, Ghislaine Grant! Very talented lady.

Ghislaine Grant