Reychelle Rose Zelica Challenger

….AKA Baby Zelica was born on June 23, 2007 to my wonderful friends, Curtis Challenger and Yline Kelly. It’s a total blessing to have them in my life. I’m so elated to see how Curtis has metamorphosed  into a dad. The transition really makes me happy and proud. In this present day that the trend to just be a sperm donor, Curtis opted to be a father. As Baby Zeli, as he calls her was born, she took supreme precedence in his life. He never directly voiced this to me but I know that his major goal in life is to take care of his wife to be and daughter. It just makes me proud to know this as this I’ve pledged upon becoming a father also. I really want to make this infectious in the world as this seem not like the cool thing to do but in all honesty it is. You can’t imagine how it feels to be a great contributor to society raising world leaders. And by world leaders I don’t necessarily mean in the political arena, if they so choose to go that route, I’ll be supportive of their decision, however what I meant was you can change the world leading one person at a time to the right direction.

Curtis Keep up the good work, God has something great for you. Time is all it takes.

Now back to the baby, I seriously have to pinch her cheek anytime I see her. Baby got’s cheeks. These images here are of her at 6 weeks,  I was on a quest for images to display on the blog and I found these that were not blogged yet.


Bryan Morris













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