The Leverock’s

WOW, I even forgot that I did this shoot. I worked these images to put them on the blog and I forgot them in the folder. I was cleaning my PC today and I remembered that I had them there. It was Anneke’s mom’s birthday she celebrated her 74th birthday. All of Ms Ruby’s kids surprised her and flew in for her birthday. Anneke called me and informed me that her brother and sister is on the island and she wants to take a family for her mom. I was much delighted to do that as I’ve gotten the chance to see her brother Ricardo a.k.a. Ricky who I haven’t seen in a while. He says it should be at least 21 years so I was happy to see him and meet his family.

Enjoy this family shoot.


The entire family.


The man, Ricky himself!


Ricky and his daugther, Sammy.


Ricky, his daughter and his nieces.


This is Stacey Ann, a.k.a. Beyonce


This is the entire clan again.

Did you notice the unconventional ways of doing family portraits? The experience just has to be different if I’m behind the lens. I’m not into this roll call line up portraits. They have to be casual and look effortless. Just different, just hot.


Bryan Morris


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