Before and After

I must say that photography is so diverse in this day and age. I’m just going to show you what can be achieved in a setting of 8’x7′ in my living room. I don’t do this much but I’ve experimented with this on Monday and I kind of liked it. I think this might be the transition to my studio. I don’t really see the need in having a studio as Aruba has sooo many beautiful backdrops so why have a studio if you wouldn’t use it especially if your preference is shooting with natural light. Like it is in my case. This however opened up additional possibilities that I’ll be lookin into in the near future as I already have all the basic neccesities. I’ll be showing you a series of images that I took, thank God for self timers. All these images as mentioned earlier in a section of my living room, sitting area, den. However you would like to call it. And then taken into the digital lab and this is what came out. I must say that they look pretty good. Being the perfectionist that I am I have to work it a bit more before it will be offered to the general public but to this point I’m happy.










Be Blessed,

Bryan Morris


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