In the beginning…..

It wasn’t until early 2006 I’ve had an epiphany. That was when I realized how my career in photography all started. I was about 8 or 9 years old and when one Christmas morning under the tree was laying a package with a camera in it for me. The camera was the Kodak instamatic. 1983.jpg  I can now remember vividly that I used to go around all over shooting images of everything and everyone. In my teen years I was entertained by sports and much more and then the desire for the camera stayed on the back burner as in my early 20’s is when I’ve decided to buy myself my first SLR (Canon EOS 5)which I still have. eos-5-oblique.jpg

I’ve followed a few courses and read every photography magazine I could’ve gotten my hands on. When I was comfortable enough I went out and did a few weddings, christenings and first holy communions with it.

Not really making a living from it, mainly doing it as a hobby and to offset the price of equipment I wanted to acquire. In Dec 1994 I’ve gotten a job at a very promising company which didn’t allow me much time to shoot anymore. One day while looking for something in my room I reached up where the SLR was in the bag and it fell from about 6 foot unto the ground and it got a crack in the body. I was so disappointed I just pushed it under the bed and never touched it until one day I was talking to a friend that shoots as well and he said that I should bring it to him let him test it out and see what is wrong with the camera. After his test he told me that it worked fine and nothing’s wrong with it. I’ve since then bought my first Digital Camera it was an Olympus C3040Z.


 It was a point and shoot rigged out with all the bells and whistles. A few weeks after acquiring this camera I’ve gotten a call from a friend that was to get married the same day and was to fly in a photographer to shoot her wedding but he never made the trip as his papers were not in order.  She told me the story and then asked me to do the wedding for her, I was a little reluctant as I haven’t done this in a few years and I know how important a wedding is so I didn’t want to take on this challenge and mess up. I’ve searched all day for a tog and with no luck so I’ve decided that I’ll do it for her but at her own risk and she said that it was fine. I did cover the entire wedding, 8 hours at least. While doing it though I’ve had that great feeling and my inner self was telling me “Look at you enjoying yourself, you should do this fulltime”. Less than a year after the wedding I was laid off my promising job I’ve acquired appropriate equipment and dove head first into photography.



Bryan Morris


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