Let those that have never sinned throw the first stone!

I’m never one to judge people and after seeing this clip on http://www.Youtube.com a few weeks ago it really made me think that we can all make mistakes. Many people label another once they’ve been in prison but I must say that prison is for everyone.  The best of us do things that can land us in prison, it’s just that we don’t get caught. Robbing a bank at gunpoint or taking a little bottle of correction fluid home from work is stealing. Be it because of anger, desperation or even a secret life that one would lead could land them in prison. After seeing this video it made me think that even in prison you have people with kind hearts,caring, respectful and worthy of respect.

Your environment or your situation does not and you should not allow it to define you.

The moral of the story is don’t judge people. Not because in a rage at work after being taunted by your colleagues, you throw a tool at one and it kills him does not make you a killer. You’re just a respectful person that had a situation take you over and it went sour.

Enjoy this! They must be good people to be able to do this.



 Bryan Morris


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