First day of school for my boys

Today was the first day of school for my boys as you know by now or just if you don’t know. I have three kids. 1 girl and 2 boys. The girl being the first one to come out of the oven followed by the two boys. Their names are Shaydee (6), Naeem (5) and Ishaq (4). I woke up this morning early to take the boys to school a d to document this day as today was Ishaq’s first day at a new school. They were all excited as they got up this morning as they’re wearing new clothes, a new schoolbag, new sneakers. Shortly after getting to school we’ve learnt that Diego and Dora was present this is something we’ve tried just about a week ago and learnt that no matter how much we tell them that it’s a human being under the costume they are just terrified of them. If gotten a shot of Naeem with Cookie monster last week but today he was absolutely not in the mod for any pictures with these “hideous” characters. Ishaq was a bit reluctant to stay at school as he feared the characters but according to his teacher it was OK after a while. Following you have a few images of them. Tomorrow is Shaydee’s turn.


Bryan Morris

Naeem showing that he’s conquered the fear of these characters a few days ago, however today he did not want to get too close to them.


Ishaq just chilling waiting for us to leave.


Naeem & Ishaq showing some crazy love!


Naeem anxious to get going to meet his friends he hasn’t seen all summer vacation.


Dora the “terrifier”. At least to my kids as they didn’t want to get too close.


Ishaq too terrified to stay in school. He got over it as the day went on.



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