I read quite a bit and quotes are those things that are visited by me very often.

I always try and keep a positive mind frame so I visit and revisit quotes that would keep me in positive spirits. I’ll start with  quote section today on the blog so every Monday you can look forward to getting a different quote that would set off your week.

At times I might just place the quote and another time I might explain what the quote means to me. The quote from this week is from a great motivational speaker Jim Rohn.


“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”

This is exactly the situation I’m in right now. In order to put a stop to abuse, I’ve decided to launch out on my own and not have to depend on any local wedding planner to get me work. I’ve been in business struggling for 4 years with this business having to be the starving artist. I did learn from it though as that has caused me to have anywhere close to 200 weddings under my belt. There are quite a few business skills that came along with that also. I just couldn’t stand to know that they would charge a couple +/- $450 for photography but then want to pay me $200 for the shoot and they would stay with $250. To me that was just high day robbery. It took me 1 year+ to get me to this position. I had to really see how this was going to work and until recently I’ve decided to take the plunge. I no longer wanted to settle for the ordinary so I had to risk the unusual. So I’ve launched into full day coverage for high end clients.

Are you going to continue settling for the ordinary or are you going to risk the unusual.

Step out of your comfort zone and see that you can walk on water.




Bryan Morris


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