Ramphys Tromp


This was my expression on Sunday at the end of a concert. at the Westin Aruba Resort & Casino. (http://www.westinaruba.com/)

Ramphys Tromp is one of Aruba’s largest artist that on January, 2005 turned his life around. (Dedicate his life to Christ)

He then vowed that he will never sing until He feels it was right. And when he feels it’s right the only music he will be singing is Gospel Music.

He is a Latin Gospel artist that is promising. It was a pleasure for me to be present and that I could’ve shoot for fun.

Here are a few of the images captured on the night.

You can follow him at http://www.myspace.com/ramphystromp


Ramphys himself in action.

Ramphys Tromp

One of his opening act. The great Mr Eduardo Maya. Eduardo coincidentally is Ramphy’s father in law.

Sir Eduardo Maya

These guys are so young nd so talented. They really rocked the crowd with their Reggeaton version of praise.

Los KBS, Focus!


This is part of a duet with the Worship Leader of Corporate Impact Ministries, Ghislaine Grant! Very talented lady.

Ghislaine Grant




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