Photography for me started out as a hobby and then it became too expensive so after quite a few years of practicing photography as an expensive hobby with a few paid gigs here and there, On June 1st, 2003 I’ve registered myself at the chamber of commerce which officially launched me as a small business owner. Since then it’s been work, work, work.  Not much time has been allocated anymore to shooting for fun. 

I’ve been monitoring the sunset for a few days already and yesterday I’ve decided to go out around sunset and shoot a few frames. It was not as nice as I would’ve liked it to be but I’ve worked with it as much as I could’ve and find that I’ve still managed to get some great shots of which I’ll post one that I really like. I really enjoy the sunset and I enjoy shooting it even more.

While out shooting the sunset it just dawned on me how blessed I am.  In this industry that I work I meet people from all over the world and all walks of life and speaking to them I learn that some people are not as privileged as us to be able to see as sunset on a regular basis and we tend to take it for granted that we have the sunset. While going through with my thoughts it made me realize that I’m really blessed to live where people come on vacation, meaning I’m kinda, sorta always on vacation. I’m really grateful for this privilege in life to be able to live on this little rock Aruba,  I’ll make it a priority to go out and shoot a little more to illustrate to you a little of my island.


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