The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  At the end of 2005 I was recapping the year in my mind and have learned this about my business. I’ve done 50+ weddings at a very high average of $200 (Too ashamed to really go and calculate an average as it’s much lower than $200) I’ve made $10.000 in weddings. Woohoo! This way not enough for me to support my family and my business so I know for 2006 to do something different, as I would just have to declare chapter 11 by the end of 2006 for sure. I’ve really stepped up my marketing and worked hard on my business. Which grew quite a bit and thanks to the many photographer’s forums that I’m member of I was inspired and coached to change the structure of my business. I’ve worked side by side some of the international greats right here on the island and decided to step into the water of full day coverage a little.  I’ve done quite a few in 2006 this off setted my expenses a bit as I only use professional equipment. Common sense would dictate to me sometimes why not use consumer equipment but then business sense would step in and say “No, you need reliability”  My goal for 2008 is to launch out doing only full day coverage, offering boutique quality photography and products. Locals might say man but that’s expensive. That’s right. It’s not for everyone. I’m offering products that a certain market is looking for. I’ve worked with numerous photographers here on the island with these packages as I now offer and people pay their travel expenses and also their fees to shoot their wedding. Which end most times in the tens of thousands of dollars. Why this price?

I must do something different in order to support my family. I’m not insane! I use the best equipment on the market. Whenever you’re looking for a wedding photographer, here on the island or anywhere in the world my tip to you is: Ask how many cameras and lenses he has on any particular wedding day. I’ve learnt this early. You need back up. Many photographers are irresponsible and risk shooting weddings with just one camera. Even human that make cameras die, don’t they think that cameras can malfunction. What would happen if this happen and they only have one body. You fill in the blanks. When shopping for wedding photographers don’t seek bargains. I’ve heard too many stories in the 4 years that I’m full time. 

In your own life, if you desire change quit doing the same things over and over.                                                                       


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